I am Yanchi, a brand designer currently working from Taipei. My experience spans across the fields of print and digital in the world of art, commerce and culture. Email hi@yanchi.info for more information.


Golden Bee Garden
Visual Identity, Packaging

Founded in 1968, the beekeeping farm embraces a heritage of lush greenery and a timeless aesthetic. The logo features an emblem of traditional grace, accompanied by honey-inspired patterns that evoke dripping sweetness. The mint green, earthy gold, and white color palette brings a refreshing tone, capturing the classic, delicate essence.


Visual Identity

An Asian Fusion restaurant in LA that embodies a free-spirited character. The visual identity, inspired by the brand slogan "Savor However," reflects a welcoming attitude toward diverse cuisine. Using speech bubble elements, the logo portrays the brand's personality through expressive line shapes.


Anqui Zhizhan
Visual Identity

Designed for an Anqui Hotel branch in a historic village in Wenzhou, China, renowned for traditional papermaking. Its landscape is captured in the logo with simplified form. Key elements of papermaking are combined — vertical lines for bamboo, horizontal flows for water — to create a fluid pattern. Overall with the blue-green shan shui inspired color, the identity evokes a serene ambiance.


Lush & Dew
Identity Refresh, Packaging

Designed for a gardening supplies brand, the packaging captures a natural, rustic, and refreshing feel. The logo and color palette were adjusted accordingly. Inspired by the brand name, the seed packaging was designed in the shape of water droplets, symbolizing natural planting as a remedy for life's challenges. The outer box incorporates transparent materials to convey a sense of freshness.

Logotype Collection
Logotype, Typography

A display of past projects.