I am Yanchi, a book designer who also do research and write. I collaborate with artists and am interested in ideas that concern the sociocultural aspects of material and visual culture. Email hi@yanchi.info for more information.

History Painting I-VIII
Editorial, Print, Book

A book and a pamphlet designed for artist Sharon Lockhart and her exhibits featuring her artwork, History Paintings I-VII. Echoing the minimal approach and monotone aesthetic of the work, the book narrates using only newspaper clippings of fragmented images and texts, while the newspaper-sized pamphlet leaves only the selected news on each page, dictating how viewers read.


The Thursday Literary Salon
Editorial, Book, Writing

A portfolio of texts with images, created by ten writers, emerged from the writing exercises conducted during two-month Thursday meetings. The writings featured in these pages are excerpts born from the sessions, paired with images to explore intertextuality beyond written words. Through this fusion, this book aim for each writer's voice to shine, collectively weaving a tapestry of storytelling that reflects the kaleidoscope of their diversity.


Connect · Divide
Editorial, Book

A concept exhibit catalog with site-specific pieces created along the US-Mexico border. The book includes artists who foreground the division between the territories and connect the landscapes and the people, prompting viewers to reevaluate questions surrounding nationalism and identity.


In Search of The Invisible
Editorial, Book

A concept exhibit catalog showcasing artwork that explore ideas of the sublime in relation to religion when technology, spectacle, and excess seem to eclipse nature, myth, and connection.

A Many-Headed Monster

Research done with the L.i.P Collective. A Many-Headed Monster compares the oppression and empowerment of Asian American women in a periodical Gidra, published from the 70s in L.A., and the movie Crazy Rich Asians,  produced and distributed by the Hollywood industry in 2018. Published on Futuress.

Journal of Times
Editorial, Book, Writing

A book designed for artist Mona Liu, translating her installation piece, The Wall, into a portable form. Echoing the collaging approach of the installation, the booklets in the box, when unfolded, can be pieced together to form a photograph displaying the complete installation—an installation that measures 19.6' x 8.2' transformed into a book measuring 4.25" x 5.5" inches.